Buying Olive Oil

One thing that is never an issue in the olive oil category is the availability of a range of oils to choose from. Don't get overwhelmed! Instead, follow these simple tips to ensure you purchase a quality olive oil that's right for your needs.

  • Know your intended use to first narrow down which type best fits your need.
  • Only purchase bottle sizes that you will use within 8 – 10 weeks of opening.
  • Learn to read and interpret the label. Olive oil from quality sources will contain key pieces of information on the package, including:
  • Avoid packages that show signs of improper handling or storage. This could include:
    • Dust on the bottle.
    • Broken or loose seal on the cap.
    • Evidence of oil drips or leaks.
    • Orange tint to the oil – this would indicate over-exposure to fluorescent lighting and/or heat has damage the oil.